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Hello! Hello!  

My name is Leslie Ann Clark and I love that you are visiting my site.


I am an author/illustrator and designer living in the beautiful state of Colorado!  I have a fun collection of art published for children's books and magazines, greeting cards, puzzles, fabric, toys and more and I have many NEW things ready for review. I will warn you now, I am completely addicted to my little characters.  I never quite know who is going to appear in my sketchbook. Suddenly they take on a personality and a story ensues. It is little kid magic!  Power to the children of the world!  My goal in life?  To bring JOY to the children and the heroes who read to them.

All of the art represented on this site is available for

children's books, fabric design, gifts and more.

Some of my clients include:

Harper Collins, Christian Art Gifts, Group Publishing, Ladybug Magazine, Paramount Cards, Design Design, Abby Press, Currant Co, OESD, Clothworks, and la la la!  Will you be next?



Check out my Images, I would love to work with you. 

You may contact me at:




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