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WhimseyBooks Studio

All my books are publisher ready. Will you work with me?  It'll be great fun!


Whimsey Books   by Leslie Ann Clark


In this day and age of violence, anger and all the seriousness of chaotic grown up STUFF, I felt the deep desire to create simple stories for children and parents to enjoy. I imagine parents cuddled up with their little ones and taking precious time out of their busy days to share stories filled with love, humor, warmth and a wee bit of adventure tossed in.


I remember only one time my parents read to me and the way it made me feel. I felt all was right with my little world, I felt loved and cared about. My own children always begged for "One more story mommy". My grand kids said the same thing. Those are the memories that make for a loving home and they show our children the value of time spent together.

If you are a publisher, I have many books ready to submit.  Whimsey Books Studio is where I live on most days.  It's a fine little studio filled with love and light. If you see something that tugs at your heart, contact me at

Here they come!  


I am ready for a publisher!   Will it be you?

Meet Burl and Briley, two heart warming furry friends who love a good adventure. Off the go with their trusty backpacks filled with emergency cookies and books. These are sweet stories for the little ones in your life. Follow them through this five book collection.

•Becoming Friends

•The Very Bad Dream

•The Grand Adventure

•Burl Catches a Cold

•Big Rock

(A fabric line is also available along with a game)



Shivery Timbers  -  On a cold snowy night Jack finds himself with nothing to do. But Jack is not one to take things lying down. His imagination takes him on a high adventure. He soars through a blizzard in the frosty night to a magical town called Shivery Timbers. 


FLUFF  -  Fluff was sitting on a high hill overlooking the meadow. He watched as the birds soared to and fro like a dance across the sky. Tiny field mice were hiding in the sweet grasses below and butterflies and bees were kissing all the blossoms.


In the stream that cut across the meadow he saw ducks bobbing and floating in single file. Colorful fish were leaping in and out of the cold water. Fluff could see everything and it was good.  


But suddenly the skies darkened. Huge black storm clouds seemed to burst on the scene. Fluff's face changed from serene to serious. He began his descent down the hill when...




The 12 Days of Chickens -  What do the 12 Days of Christmas and a bunch of chickens have in common? Gwen finds out in this

funny re-telling of an old classic.

The story begins when a chicken in a pear tree is delivered to Gwen’s front porch. The pear tree hen takes a liking to our unsuspecting Gwen as each day her true love sends more fowl.

It does not stop at 12 days. The ending has Gwen on the run!  Merry Christmas?

This would make an amazing pop-up book!


Baby Love -  A delightful little board book full of colorful little baby monkeys.  Each page will bring a squeal of delight to the young readers as they recognize some of the objects in their own baby lives.  Rattles, cribs, bath time and more.

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